Are you living a full and meaningful life?

Are you living a full and meaningful life?

Are you living a full and meaningful life?Are you living a full and meaningful life?

What has you tethered?

Do you know how they used to train circus elephants? How from a very young age they were bound, brainwashed and broken until their will to fight was no more. We too are tethered by our beliefs. Bound by our idea of success, brainwashed to think we can just work our way to happiness, and broken when things fall apart


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Re-igniting Your Frontline

Being a service professional takes more than just showing up to work. Using the experience I have gained throughout my 20 years of service I have come to realize that service doesn't start at the time of customer interaction but from the time we as professionals wake up. Yes service starts when we wake up! The most common disconnect is when we are not living a full and meaningful life. That is when I developed the Steps To Reset.  A simple 4 step process when used will reignite your professionals.

Workshops and Keynotes

As a 20 Year Service professional I can bring unique insights and develop simple systems to help reignite your service ambassadors so they can deliver an exceptional customer experience. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

More than just Coaching.

Forming client relationships is important to me. When choosing coaching, after I meet prospective clients I take the time to develop a custom system for them to reach their individual goals whether its personal or professional because it's all connected. If you would like to know more schedule a complimentary session for more than just information. 

Meaning of service

Steps To Reset.

With 20 years of service experience in various industries, i've gained valuable insight as to what transforms a employee into an ambassador  for their company. And it doesn't start when they clock in it starts when they wake up. I discovered that living a full and meaningful life translates to exceptional customer experiences. I learned this in my constant pursuit of money, positions and possessions neglecting what the true reason behind underperformance, unproductivity and lack of drive was. Developing an easy to use process combined with an engaging experience I help ambassadors reconnect, using most services already available by employers to boost overall productivity.

My service Journey

As a kid I would often find bike fragments and armed with my trusty adjustable wrench and Philips screwdriver I would turn those fragments back into bikes, or help repair other peoples bikes and at 8 I remember the joy of serving people. I got paid sometimes  but it was ok because I was able to serve and I continue to serve this day.

Understanding What Service Is

Even in college at the ripe age of 21 I felt the calling to give more of what I learned today to be service. I Left school with 1 year to go and struck out on my road to entreprenuership starting a computer consulting and repair business. I was good but my biggest problem was I gave far more service than what I was payed for, or so I thought. I would undercharge and overdeliver and I would walk away feeling wealthier than I was before. I realized that it wasn't the money that gave me the sense of accomplishment but the service and to top it off I got tons of referrals. 

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Video testimonial


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